SUBJECT: Debate & Public Speaking

IBA Debate & Public Speaking Enrichment Academic Camps

Debate | Public Speaking | Leadership | Pride | Confidence
Academic Enrichment Prgram for 4-12th Grades

Don‘t underestimate a child’s ability to do math.

Math is the foundation of critical reasoning skills required to tackle and solve complex problems, not only in math, but also in life! The understanding of logical processes to work through problems and adapt to changing conditions is a learned asset that our students will utilize throughout their lives.

Our team of dedicated math educators understand the importance of math, as well as introducing modern teaching techniques and technology to keep our students a the the top of their performance potential. Children must be provided with a complete and comprehensive exposure to math so that they can achieve their goals in an increasingly technology focused world.

Ivy Bridge Academy Math Enrichment Programs enhance our students’ understanding of math concepts to help them outperform at new levels of confidence and knowledge. Fun and interactive math programs designed for individualized learning, and taught by the best experienced educators with a passion for empowering young minds with logic and reasoning.

IBA Math Summer Camp MS

Individualized Debate Curriculum

We work individually with each student to develop a debate & public speaking coaching pathway tailored for their needs.

Proven Debate Coaches

IBA Debate Coaches have proven background in debate competitions at the National level.

All Levels of Debate

Whether your child is just starting out in math or ready for advanced placement, IBA Math Camps can help elevate the learning.

Collaborative Math Projects

Students work together on math projects designed to promote collaborative problem solving and social interaction.

Advanced Debate Programs

1-on-1 Advanced Debate Coaching and Camps designed to prepare students for debate competitions.

After School Debate Enrichment Clubs

For students who enjoy debate and want to improve their debating & public skills working with other like minded students in after-school setting.

Improves Adaptive Reasoning

IBA Math Camps improve a student’s ability to learn complex subjects & problem solving.

Develop Pride & Confidence

Our students develop pride & confidence as they learn no problem is too big to tackle with logic & reasoning.

Improve Public Speaking

IBA Debate Programs improve our student’s public speaking skills & ability to communicate to large audiences.


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