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Dr. Michael Hester – IBA Head Debate Coach | College Consultant | Director of UWG Debate

Dr. Michael Hester – IBA Head Debate Coach  | Director of UWG Debate | College Admissions Consultant

Dr. Hester is renowned in the debating community for his achievements in coaching the very best debaters in the nation.

  • Chair of District VI of National Debate Tournaments since 2009
  • Chair of Cross Examination Debate Association Topic Committee
  • 2017 Ross K Smith National Coach of the Year
  • 2017 George Ziegelmueller Outstanding Achievement Award for lifetime achievement
  • Three teams to national championships
  • Two teams to national runner-up finishes
  • Two teams to national semifinalist finishes
  • Four teams to national quarterfinalist finishes
  • High School teams to the Elite Eight of the International Public Policy Forum contest

College Consulting Service:

With more than a quarter-century of experience in higher education, including faculty positions held at prestigious institutions such as Cal-Berkeley, Emory, and the University of Michigan, Dr. Hester has advised and mentored hundreds of students. High school students he has worked with have gained admission into prestigious universities across the nation, including Georgetown, Harvard, and Stanford; additionally, the students at UWG with whom he has counseled have gained not only admission, but also full scholarship offers, into top 10 engineering schools, law schools, and medical schools, including Berkeley, University of Chicago, and UPenn.

Dr. Hester is intimately familiar with the college admissions process and knows how to share his wisdom with students to maximize their chances of gaining admission into the schools of their choice.

Dr. Hester’s 7 Day Public Forum Debate Summer Camp:

Public Forum Debate Summer Camp MS Public Forum Debate Summer Camp HS