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Debate has a multitude of real-life benefits that extend far beyond the classroom. It cultivates life skills, boosts confidence, enhances the ability to communicate effectively with others, and has numerous real-life applications. At Ivy Bridge Academy, we recognize the transformative impact that debate can have on an individual’s personal and professional life.

To truly understand the far-reaching benefits of debate, we invite you to hear from those who experience it firsthand: our debaters, judges, and the parents of our students.

An IBA Student’s DEbate Journey

“Anyone can be a debater.” In this powerful video, one of our dedicated debaters shares his love for competitive debate, along with his personal experience with the challenges and triumphs of it. Acknowledging that it was a long journey, Aaron speaks candidly about the hard work and determination required to succeed. With the supportive environment of his teammates and coaches, he not only overcame these challenges but also achieved significant accomplishments.

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