IBA Students Outstanding Performance at the 2020 Harvard University Debate Tournament!


46th Harvard University National Debate Tournament 2020

It was another year of outstanding stand out performances by IBA students at this year’s Harvard University National Debate Tournament! We are so proud of all the students and grateful to the parents who have been so supportive of the trip to Harvard! Congratulations and thank you!

Ivy Bridge Academy Students at Harvard University 2020 National Debate TournamentIvy Bridge Academy Students at 46th Harvard University National Debate Tournament

46th Harvard University National Debate Tournament 2020

Ivy Bridge Academy (IBA) 56 debate students traveled to Harvard University the weekend of February 15-17, 2020 to participate in a 46th Harvard National Debate Tournament. IBA is very proud of their student’s accomplishments as they placed in the top 20 in each category amongst hundreds of peers.

Harvard university debate tournament is one of the largest academic competition in the world! The student competitors represent the best and brightest young people across the United States and the globe. At the tournament, students have the chance to compete, build their skills, meet other students from across the country, and, as it overlaps with the high school tournament, students can learn from watching high school varsity final rounds in person.

Where: Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
When: February 15-17th
Topic: Resolved: The United States should replace means-tested welfare programs with a universal basic income.

Results of IBA students in the Harvard University Tournament


Finished 9th, Octafinalists: Albert Cho & Eric Cho
Finished 17th, Doubles: Tarun Ramanathan & Jason Eappen
Speaker Awards (out of 382): Tarun Ramanathan (3rd,) and Jason Eappen (25th)

Junior Varsity:

Finished 17th, Doubles: Nina Thakur & Yugeshwar Muralidhar
Speaker Awards (Out of 516): Yugeshwar Muralidhar (14th,) and Nina Thakur (26th)

Middle School:

Finished 9th, Octafinalists: Irene Tang & Ashley Wang; Aalif Biswas & Anant Gautam; Pranaya Balaji & Karthik Jayaram
Speakers (out of 207): Pranaya Balaji (4th,) Anant Gautam (14th,) Ashley Wang (27th,) and Aalif Biswas (29th)

Attendance List

Middle School:

  • Neha Mahesh and Shristi Roy
  • Rikhil Ranjit and Hanming Sun
  • Aalif Biswas and Anant Gautam
  • Prakhar Gupta and Benjamin Moon
  • Saket Churiwal and Vibhor Gupta
  • Aryan Bavera and Susant Chunduri
  • Pranav Bommareddy and Dhanvin Yajaman
  • Krishna Anand and Ray Ye
  • Anna Yang and Daniel Huang
  • Jasmin Singh and Jolyn Zhang
  • Pranaya Balaji and Karthik Jayaram
  • Ethan Nam and Gene Yoon
  • Dev Iyer and Manas Singh
  • Shaomin Kee and Sabrina Yang
  • Irene Tang and Ashley Wang
  • Agastya Vissa and Rajal Nadkar

High School:

  • Kayla Kim and Akshaya Poonepalle
  • Albert Cho and Eric Cho
  • Tarun Ramanathan and Jason Eappen
  • Jonathan Li and Kevin Niu
  • Alex Doan and Harrison Fei
  • Aesha Shah and Noah Yoon
  • Aditya Palled and Amogh Tadvai
  • Cindy Chen and Lakshya Jasti
  • Elly Kang and Paris Song
  • Nina Thakur and Yugeshwar Muralidhar
  • Stella Chen and Melissa Liu
  • Mayukh Keelar and Tracy Xu

Ivy Bridge Academy offers weekend debate teams and an After-School Debate program that provides a chance for students to improve public speaking skills and engage with current events through the activity of Debate.

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