IBA Students Shine at National Debate Tournament

Ivy Bridge Academy students shine at the 2024 IPPF National Tournament!

Ivy Bridge Academy students won 2nd Place in the finals and Won the Speaker Award of the 23rd annual International Public Policy Forum (IPPF).

This global debate competition, organized by the Brewer Foundation and NYU, took place on May 4, 2024, in New York City. Eight teams were vying for the $10,000 grand prize.

Coached by Dr. Michael Hester, the IBA team included students Rikhil Ranjit, Aanya Baddela, Alyssa Chen, Saanvi Kadiyala, Claire Park, Ethan Nam, Gene Yoon, Olivia Tye, Rajveer Nadkar, Rikhil Tamilselvan, Saanvi Sinha, Sanjana Kadiyala, Shera Ramineni, Jessica Selvaganesan.

The Brewer Foundation, which initiated the IPPF in 2001, promotes academic success and public advocacy through debates on policy issues. The competition started in October 2023 with 311 teams, narrowed down to the top 64 based on essay quality, leading to the final eight after a written debate round.

Congratulations IBA Students for Winning Second Place at the 2024 IPPF Tournament!

2023-24 TOPIC“Resolved: Governments should provide a universal basic income.”

IBA Team:
Aanya Baddela
Alyssa Chen
Claire Park
Ethan Nam
Gene Yoon
Olivia Tye
Rajveer Nadkar
Rikhil Ranjit
Rithwik Tamilselvan
Saanvi Kadiyala
Saanvi Sinha
Sanjana Kadiyala
Sneha Ramineni
Tessica Selvaganesan

Left: Mr. Will Baker;Director, NYU Global Debate 
Middle: Rikhil Ranjit
Right: Mr. William A. Brewer
Congratulations Rikhil Ranjit! 
Best Speaker Award Champion