COVID-19 Coronavirus Information from Ivy Bridge Academy

***** UPDATED THURSDAY, July 10, 2020: *****

COVID-19 Update for IBA After-School Public Speaking & Debate Program SY 2020-2021

Registrations for IBA After-School Public Speaking & Debate Program for Elementary School & Middle School students are now open! The after-school program is normally held at the elementary & middle school where the child is a student. (See list of schools where our IBA After-School Public Speaking & Debate Program is available here: Elementary Schools | Middle Schools)

However, due to concerns about the continuing risks of COVID-19 all of our After-School Public Speaking & Debate Programs will be CONDUCTED ONLINE FOR SEMESTER ONE. We will continue to monitor the situation and health guidelines in determining the best path forward for Semester Two. Our tentative plans are to resume in school classes for Semester Two as long as the conditions allow, and adhering to the health guidelines.


***** UPDATED THURSDAY, MAY 7, 2020: *****

COVID-19 Update for Summer Camps 2020

For the safety of our students, and their loved ones, ALL IBA Summer Camp Classes will be conducted ONLINE.

Please continue to select your preferred Campus Location during registration so that we can maintain records for when we resume on campus classes.


***** UPDATED FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2020: *****

A COVID-19 Update from Ivy Bridge Academy 3/13/2020

The safety of our students and staff is the top priority of Ivy Bridge Academy. We are closely monitoring the increasing spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and doing our best to determine what is best for everyone with respect to classes and tutoring.

As of today, March 13, 2020, IBA’s schedule updates are as follows:

  1. IBA is open Saturday (3/14/20) and Sunday (3/15/20) with a regular class schedule. During these classes, teachers and students will set up and learn how to meet via online class going forward for a period of time.
  2. From Monday, March 16, 2020, IBA’s locations are closed but online class will be held at the same time as the regular class. If students have questions or need to change their schedule time they can email to the teacher directly. We will reopen to our normal class schedule when schools reopen.
  3. All After-School Debate Programs are paused until schools reopen and we will do our best to make up the missed class time. We will be in contact with parents regarding missed classes once we have worked details out with the schools.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to monitor this evolving situation.


COVID-19 Coronavirus Information from Ivy Bridge Academy 3/10/2020

Ivy Bridge Academy is closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation in order to make the appropriate decisions in regards to our After-School Programs, Tutoring and Weekend Debate Sessions. The safety and well-being of our students and staff is our highest priority. Due to Fulton County Schools being closed today, March 10, and now also tomorrow, March 11, we did not/will not hold our tutoring sessions at our locations or After-School programs at various schools. We will follow Fulton County’s protocol as far as when classes will be held.

Ivy Bridge Academy is always vigilant about keeping our centers clean and we are taking extra precautions during this time. The rooms are disinfected regularly and we have hand sanitizer and wipes on hand at our locations.

Online classes: Ivy Bridge Academy has worked hard to be able to offer online viewing of the tutoring or debate sessions at our locations if your child is unable to come to class due to the Coronavirus. If you have questions about this, please contact the center director.
We will continue to monitor the information issued by reliable sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Georgia Department of Public Health.

As always, we encourage you to use your judgment and make appropriate decisions based on what is best for your student and family.

After School Programs

Fulton County Schools just announced that school will be closed again tomorrow, March 11. Schools are expected to reopen on Thursday.

There will be no After School Programs while school is not in session.

Ivy Bridge Academy will communicate soon on how classes will be made up due to school closings from the Coronavirus.


IBA Students Outstanding Performance at the 2020 Harvard University Debate Tournament!


46th Harvard University National Debate Tournament 2020

It was another year of outstanding stand out performances by IBA students at this year’s Harvard University National Debate Tournament! We are so proud of all the students and grateful to the parents who have been so supportive of the trip to Harvard! Congratulations and thank you!

Ivy Bridge Academy Students at Harvard University 2020 National Debate TournamentIvy Bridge Academy Students at 46th Harvard University National Debate Tournament

46th Harvard University National Debate Tournament 2020

Ivy Bridge Academy (IBA) 56 debate students traveled to Harvard University the weekend of February 15-17, 2020 to participate in a 46th Harvard National Debate Tournament. IBA is very proud of their student’s accomplishments as they placed in the top 20 in each category amongst hundreds of peers.

Harvard university debate tournament is one of the largest academic competition in the world! The student competitors represent the best and brightest young people across the United States and the globe. At the tournament, students have the chance to compete, build their skills, meet other students from across the country, and, as it overlaps with the high school tournament, students can learn from watching high school varsity final rounds in person.

Where: Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
When: February 15-17th
Topic: Resolved: The United States should replace means-tested welfare programs with a universal basic income.

Results of IBA students in the Harvard University Tournament


Finished 9th, Octafinalists: Albert Cho & Eric Cho
Finished 17th, Doubles: Tarun Ramanathan & Jason Eappen
Speaker Awards (out of 382): Tarun Ramanathan (3rd,) and Jason Eappen (25th)

Junior Varsity:

Finished 17th, Doubles: Nina Thakur & Yugeshwar Muralidhar
Speaker Awards (Out of 516): Yugeshwar Muralidhar (14th,) and Nina Thakur (26th)

Middle School:

Finished 9th, Octafinalists: Irene Tang & Ashley Wang; Aalif Biswas & Anant Gautam; Pranaya Balaji & Karthik Jayaram
Speakers (out of 207): Pranaya Balaji (4th,) Anant Gautam (14th,) Ashley Wang (27th,) and Aalif Biswas (29th)

Attendance List

Middle School:

  • Neha Mahesh and Shristi Roy
  • Rikhil Ranjit and Hanming Sun
  • Aalif Biswas and Anant Gautam
  • Prakhar Gupta and Benjamin Moon
  • Saket Churiwal and Vibhor Gupta
  • Aryan Bavera and Susant Chunduri
  • Pranav Bommareddy and Dhanvin Yajaman
  • Krishna Anand and Ray Ye
  • Anna Yang and Daniel Huang
  • Jasmin Singh and Jolyn Zhang
  • Pranaya Balaji and Karthik Jayaram
  • Ethan Nam and Gene Yoon
  • Dev Iyer and Manas Singh
  • Shaomin Kee and Sabrina Yang
  • Irene Tang and Ashley Wang
  • Agastya Vissa and Rajal Nadkar

High School:

  • Kayla Kim and Akshaya Poonepalle
  • Albert Cho and Eric Cho
  • Tarun Ramanathan and Jason Eappen
  • Jonathan Li and Kevin Niu
  • Alex Doan and Harrison Fei
  • Aesha Shah and Noah Yoon
  • Aditya Palled and Amogh Tadvai
  • Cindy Chen and Lakshya Jasti
  • Elly Kang and Paris Song
  • Nina Thakur and Yugeshwar Muralidhar
  • Stella Chen and Melissa Liu
  • Mayukh Keelar and Tracy Xu

Ivy Bridge Academy offers weekend debate teams and an After-School Debate program that provides a chance for students to improve public speaking skills and engage with current events through the activity of Debate.

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Ivy Bridge Academy Debaters Perform Well in National Tournament at Georgetown University

Ivy Bridge Academy at 2019 Georgetown Debate Tournament

Ivy Bridge Academy (IBA) debate students traveled to Georgetown University over the weekend of Oct. 12-13 for a national debate tournament. IBA had seven teams competing in the middle school division, with the team of Rikhil Ranjit and Hanming Sun qualifying for the final rounds. Students debated the topic of European trade with China, giving them vital insight and knowledge about current events. The students also got a chance to tour the prestigious university, and it was an overall invaluable experience for them.

Debaters excelled in the individual speaker awards with Prakhar Gupta finishing in 5th place, Hanming Sun in 7th and Rikhil Ranjit in 9th place. The Novice team of Adya Bhatta and Stella Chen were Champions. Individiual speaker awards at the Novice level were Adya Bhatta in 3rd, Stella Chen in 5th, Nina Thakur in 7th and Suraj Singareddy in 9th place.

IBA had two Junior Varsity teams, Albert Cho and Elly Kang who were Semifinalists and Sonal Churiwal and Melissa Liu finishing as Octafinalists.

The Varsity team of Tracy Xu and Mayukh Keelar were Octafinalists in the tournament.

Middle School Teams

Ethan Nam and Gene Yoon — Top 40
Krishna Anand and Karthik Jayaram — Double-octafinalist
Benjamin Moon and Prakhar Gupta — Octafinalist
Neha Mahesh and Shristi Roy — Octafinalist

Irene Tang and Ashley Wang — Octafinalist
Aalif Biswas and Anant Gautam — Quarterfinalist
Rikhil Ranjit and Hanming Sun — Finalist

5th speaker — Prakhar Gupta
7th speaker — Hanming Sun
9th speaker — Rikhil Ranjit


Akshaya Poonepalle and Jason Eappen — Octafinalist
Yugesh Muralidhar and Nina Thakur — Semifinalist
Adya Bhatta and Stella Chen — Champions

3rd speaker — Adya Bhatta
5th speaker — Stella Chen
7th speaker — Nina Thakur
9th speaker — Suraj Singareddy

Junior Varsity
Sonal Churiwal and Melissa Liu — Octafinalist
Albert Cho and Elly Kang — Semifinalist

Tracy Xu and Mayukh Keelar — Octafinalist

IBA is so proud of all of our students and the hard work put forth to compete at a national level. Each competition gives the debaters a chance to continue to learn, improve, work together and demonstrate their accomplishments in tournaments.


IBA Students Champions at National Speech & Debate Association Nationals – 2019 – Dallas TX

Congratulations to Ivy Bridge Academy students Brian Yoo and Prajwal Saokar for winning the NSDA Middle School Public Forum Nationals 2019!

NSDA MS PF Debate Champions

Place: 1st
Code: GJ Saokar & Yoo
Name: Saokar & Yoo
Institution: Riverwatch
Round: Champion

R1 W 28.4, 28.5 (56.9)
R2 W 29.5, 30.0 (59.5)
R3 W 29.0, 27.0 (56.0)
R4 W 29.9, 29.5 (59.4)
R5 L 29.0, 29.5 (58.5)
R6 W 30.0, 29.0 (59.0)
R8 W W W (3-0)
R9 W W W (3-0)
R10 W W W (3-0)
R11 W W W W L (4-1)

See Full Results for NSDA Middle School Nations 2019 – Dallas, TX/US Article

National Speech & Debate Association Nationals 2019 – Dallas, TX
1st Place Winners – Public Forum MS
Prajwal Saokar (L) | Brian Yoo (R)
NSDA MS PF Debate Champions
Proud Champions! Great Job!!!

Video: Ivy Bridge Academy Debate Teams – Harvard Showcase Debate 2/24/2019

Ivy Bridge Academy Debate Teams meet on weekends at one of our 3 IBA campuses (Johns Creek, Cumming, Marietta) to learn, practice, prepare, and compete in in-town and out-of-town competitive debate tournaments (Learn more about IBA Debate Programs).

IBA Debate Teams recently traveled to Cambridge, MA. to compete in the 45th Annual Harvard National Debate Tournament held 2/16-2/18/2019. All our students had outstanding performances with both MS and HS Debate Teams winning 1st Place Champions! (Read more & see the winners)

The following video is a showcase example of IBA Debate Team students who competed at the 2019 Harvard National Debate Tournament.

“Ivy Bridge Academy’s local competition ends with a riveting debate on the topic of US arms sales in Saudi Arabia.”

  • (Pro First): Brian Yoo | Brandan Yao
  • (Con Second): Brian Shon | Rohit Jivangikar

Johns Creek Campus | Cumming Campus | Marietta Campus

Find out more about all the Debate Camps & Programs available at Ivy Bridge Academy

IBA Students are Champions at the Harvard University Debate Tournament!

1st Place Winners in High School and Middle School Debate Tournaments!

45th Harvard University National Debate Tournament 2019

IBA students took home 1st place in the MS and HS division with a perfect record! We also had a 1st place speaker award and multiple other top finishes at the MS and HS levels!

Congratulations IBA students!

Public Forum Debate – 2019 February Topic Area: International Conflicts
Resolved: The United States should end its arms sales to Saudi Arabia.
Students were evaluated on the validity of their arguments and presentations.

Ivy Bridge Academy had 13 Middle School teams and 13 High School teams to compete at the 2019 Harvard University Tournament. We could not be more proud of all our students’ hard work and accomplishments! (See Showcase Video of Winning IBA Debate Students)

2019 Harvard University Tournament Results

Middle School 1st Place Champion:
Bobby Missell (Riverwatch MS 8th) and Vinayak Menon (Riverwatch MS 8th)

2nd Place Winning Team
Brian Yoo (Riverwatch MS 8th) and Brandon Yao (River Trail MS 8th)

9th Place Winning Teams
Aaron Sinclair (Notre Dame Academy 8th) and Elly Kang (Dickerson MS 8th)
Neha Mahesh (Webb Bridge MS 6th) and Hanming Sun (Riverwatch MS 7th)
Paris Song (Autrey Mill MS 8th) and Siyona Patel (Hopewell MS 8th)

Middle School Speaker Award Champion
Vinayak Menon (Riverwatch MS 8th)
2nd Speaker Award
Bobby Missell (Riverwatch MS 8th)
6th Speaker Award
Brian Yoo (Riverwatch MS 8th)
10th Speaker Award
Brandon Yao (River Trail MS 8th)

High School 1st Place Novice Champion
Brian Shon (Alpharetta HS 10th) and Rohit Jivangikar (Alpharetta HS 10th)

5th Place Winning Teams
Tina Dong (Northview HS 9th) and Tracy Xu (Alpharetta HS 9th)
Ryan Moon (Chattahoochee HS 10th) and Matthew Kim (Northview HS 9th)

9th Place Winning Team
Alice Huh (Lambert MS 9th) and Sophie Khanmamedov (Lambert MS 9th)

High School Novice Speaker Award
3rd Speaker Award
Brian Shon (Alpharetta HS 10th)
8th Speaker Award
Rohit Jivangikar (Alpharetta HS 10th)
10th Speaker Award
Ryan Moon (Chattahoochee HS 10th)

Upcoming Debate Tournaments

Upcoming Tournament opportunities include the Georgetown International PF Tournament at the end of March, the Tournament of Champions in May (at the University of Kentucky) and IBA’s internal tournament in May.
The National Speech & Debate Association’s Tournament June 16-21 in Dallas, TX.

Register For Our IBA Debate Teams Program Available in Alpharetta / Johns Creek, Cumming, & Marietta, Ga!

Ivy Bridge Academy Partners With North Fulton Elementary Schools To Offer After-School Enrichment Debate Program

IBA After School Enrichment Program ES

Ivy Bridge Academy After-School Debate Program Available at North Metro Atlanta Elementary Schools

We are proud to announce the partnership of Ivy Bridge Academy with local North Fulton Elementary Schools to offer our award winning IBA Debate Program in a convenient after-school enrichment setting.

After-school enrichment programs provide parents with the convenience of classes being held immediately after school. Students benefit from learning in a familiar enviornment with their friends from school.

Ivy Bridge Academy Debate Program is taught by experience debate coaches with proven track records in winning debate competitions, and in educating and inspiring future debate leaders.

Our goal is to introduce elementary school students to the art and science of persuasive fact based debate to foster confidence and independent thinking.

Ivy Bridge Academy Debate Teams compete at the national level and have accumulated numerous Top 10 placements in national debate competitions.

Some of the benefits of IBA After-School Debate Program:

  • Competitive Debate Experience
  • Logic and Critical Thinking
  • Persuasive Speaking & Oration
  • Ethics and Leadership
  • Interview Skills
  • Reading and Writing
  • Research and Information Processing
  • Personal Accomplishment
  • Convenient Location & Time


  1. Abbotts Hill Elementary School
  2. Barnwell Elementary School
  3. Creek View Elementary School
  4. Dolvin Elementary School
  5. Mount Bethel Elementary School
  6. New Prospect Elementary School
  7. Summit Hill Elementary School
  8. Fulton Academy of Science and Technology Charter School


Ivy Bridge Academy offers academic enrichment programs for K-12 students in the metro Atlanta area. Award winning programs designed to empower students through education & confidence.

“Studium Scientiam”

Three convenient Metro Atlanta IBA Campus locations:


Johns Creek/Alpharetta Campus
11180 State Bridge Rd., Suite 205
Johns Creek, Georgia 30022

Call Us: (404) 519-7715


Cumming Campus
3020 Old Atlanta Road
Cumming, Georgia 30041-6900

More Info:
Call Us: (770) 712-2485


Marietta Campus
4994 Lower Roswell Rd, Suite34
Marietta, GA 30068

More Info:
Call Us: (770) 712-7625