IBA Debate Teams for Local & National Debate Competitions


Leadership means being able to explain your ideas and convince others.

IBA Debate Teams weekend programs are offered at 3 IBA Campuses on Saturday & Sunday for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School Students

IBA Debate Teams compete at local, regional, and national debate competitions. IBA is a proud member of NJFL & NFL.

Why Debate?

According to a survey by the National Forensics League, 64% of U.S. Congress members competed in debate or speech in high school. Debaters are disproportionately represented in leadership ranks in law, business, and the academy.

IBA Debate Summer Camps & After-School Programs

Ivy Bridge Academy’s Debate Summer Camps & After-School Programs are designed around an individualized, empowering, and student-centered learning model that engages the mind while developing self-confidence. It teaches the young mind that critical analytic thinking and the ability to communicate concise positions are the greatest tools in our arsenal to, not only resolve conflict, but to be leaders in life!

The following Debate Camps are available at the IBA Alpharetta / Johns Creek Campus:

Debate Teams: ES | MS | HS

Summer Debate Camps: 

  • Weekly Debate Camp: ES | MS | HS
  • Saturday Debate Camp: ES | MS | HS
  • Special 7 Day Policy Debate Camp: MS | HS
  • Special 7 Day Public Forum Debate Camp: MS | HS

Holiday Debate Camps: ES | MS | HS

AFTER-SCHOOL DEBATE CAMPS: IBA offers after-school debate camps in conjunction with select North Fulton elementary and middle schools. See Available Schools: ES | MS